Letters, speeches and position papers

Week of the heart rhythm from MAY 30, 2016- JUNE 3 , 2016 (Eng)

Endorsed by the BeHRA board: Informed consent for Ablation of atrial Fibrillation
NL – Informed consent – Katheterablatie bij voorkamerfibrillatie
FR – Information et consentement des patients – Ablation par cathéter de la fibrillation auriculaire 

Peer review of Belgian practice 2015 in Implantable Loop Recorders (EN)

News about pacemaker reimbursement in Belgium (NL/Fr)


Letters regarding catheter reimbursement issues

BeHRA 19 06 09 N.PDF

BeHRA 19 06 09 F.PDF

Antwoord BeHRA op nota van de TRI dd 19 mei 2009.pdf

Brief BeHRA aan TRI 11 september 2009.pdf

Lettre BeHRA TRI 11 Septembre 2009.pdf

Behra comment on the press article in relation with the 2010 KCE report concerning pacing in Belgium

BeHRA reaction to the nomenclature cut for PM and ICD controls