The BeHRA is made up of two levels of management:

a) The INNER NUCLEUS or Board of Directors, consisting of the President and Vice President (one of French mother tongue, the other of Dutch mother tongue), two secretaries (one of French mother tongue, the other of Dutch mother tongue), treasurer and Past President.
Members of the Inner Nucleus are elected by and from the effective members. The vote is ratified by the General Meeting.
The role of the Inner Nucleus, which meets when convened by the President and/or one of the secretaries, is to manage the day-to-day activities of the BeHRA. Its members also act as spokesmen for the association vis-à-vis the public authorities.

b) The NUCLEUS, which includes all of the effective members who play an active part in meetings, in taking decisions and in the association’s activities.

The effective members meet once a year at the General Meeting.
A General Meeting may also be convened by the Board of Directors when at least one-fifth of its members so request.

The General Meeting examines and ratifies the decisions made by the Inner Nucleus, as well as any major amendments to the articles of association.

The General Meeting’s powers are as follows:

  • Approval and expulsion of effective members (following the non-payment of membership fees, serious misdemeanours, etc.)
  • Nomination and revocation of the mandates of the directors (or members of the Inner Nucleus)
  • Approval of budgets and accounts (in particular the amount of the annual membership fee, which may not be more than 100 EUR)
  • Amendments to the articles of association
  • Voluntary dissolution of the association
  • All other powers conferred under the law or the articles of association