Associate Members

Associate members

Also unlimited in number, associate members can be cardiologists or doctors specialising in the treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders. They can also be interns, assistants, nurses, technicians, etc. whose professional activities are partly or totally related to cardiac arrhythmia.

By paying their annual membership fee, these members demonstrate their support for the association’s objectives, but they are not involved in its day-to-day running or management.

Their status entitles them to reductions on their registration fees for scientific meetings organised by members of the BeHRA, in particular the Belgian Heart Rhythm Meeting.

In addition, associate members have access to a report relating to statistics about the implantation of cardiac stimulators in Belgium.

To submit your application to be admitted as an associate member of the BeHRA, fill in the following form:

You will receive a letter of acceptance after your application and payment of your annual membership fee have been received.

To view the list of associate members, click here.