Effective Members

Effective members

The effective members of the BeHRA (or Nucleus) are all cardiologists who specialise in treating cardiac rhythm disorders. They meet 2 to 4 times a year to participate actively in the decisions taken by the association, as well as in the activities initiated by the BeHRA.

All associate members are eligible to become effective members, but to do so they must also meet a series of requirements. They must:

  • Be a Doctor practising in Cardiology in Belgium
  • Submit a registration form and curriculum vitae illustrating their specialisation in one or more areas specific to cardiac arrhythmia
  • Agree to comply with the rules of good medical practice decreed by the BeHRA
  • Agree to take part in activities including management of the association, communication and research on the topic of arrhythmia disorders organised by the Nucleus (and where appropriate by taking part in study groups on cardiac stimulation, electrophysiology,¬†ablation, clinical rhythmology, etc.)
  • Have presented, as leading author, at least one abstract or poster at one of the scientific meetings organised by the BeHRA or at an international congress
  • Take part in the databases developed by the BeHRA
  • Have paid their annual membership fee

Applications for admission to the BeHRA are examined by the Nucleus at the first General Meeting following submission of the application. This examination is conducted on the basis of the straightforward, effective and unequivocal criteria mentioned above. No vote is called for and the number of effective members is not limited.

To submit your application for membership, please complete the formand send your curriculum vitae via email to the secretary of the BeHRA of your choice.

You will then receive a letter of acceptance provided all of the conditions mentioned above have been complied with.

To view the list of effective members, click here.