Word from the President

Dear colleagues and friends,
Dear patients and visitors,

Dr Vandeckerkhove

As the new President of the Belgian Heart Rhythm Association (BeHRA), I am pleased to welcome you to our website and I am honoured to introduce the members of the new Board of Directors elected at the quadrennial elections held on March 4, 2015:

President: Dr. Yves Vandekerckhove (Bruges)
Vice President: Dr. Ivan Blankoff (Charleroi)
Secretary (Dutch): Prof. Dr. Rik Willems (Leuven)
Secretary (French): Prof. Dr. Jean-Benoit Le Polain Waroux (Woluwe)
Treasurer: Dr. Johan Vijgen (Hasselt)

The previous board, under the direction of Dr. Georges Mairesse (Arlon), undertook the modernisation of our working group, promoting the recruitment of many new members and developing contacts with the European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) as well as with the Belgian cardiologists. These advances are the result, among others, of the reiterated successful scientific meeting “Belgian Heart Rhythm Meeting – BHRM” held annually in October. In addition, working with the media has led to raising awareness about the importance of atrial fibrillation, including through the Week of the Heart Rhythm, also organized annually.

The Behra is an eminently democratic association of cardiologists committed, specialised and invested in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cardiac arrhythmia. This working group exists primarily to serve its members and all cardiologists but it goes without saying that it pursues an important social objective. The BeHRA VISION is to improve the quality of life of each patient with cardiac arrhythmia. This involves the prevention of cardiac arrhythmias, the prevention of complications from cardiac arrhythmias and, to the extent possible, the complete healing.

Within the socio-economic climate, seven specifically defined missions are undertaken to enable the implementation of this vision in the near future:

1. Educate and train cardiologists, fellows, assistants and nurses
2. Stimulate scientific research and innovation
3. Improve the quality of care for patients with heart arrhythmia
4. Provide to peers / cardiologists a discussion forum for all issues related to cardiac arrhythmias
5. Encourage collaboration at European level, particularly with EHRA
6. List carefully the needs of patients with cardiac arrhythmia
7. Make available strategies and innovative treatments while aiming at a fair reimbursement

Cooperation, consultation, expertise and commitment of all members of BeHRA will carry out this goal.


Dr. Yves Vandekerckhove
President of BeHRA