Guidelines of the BWGCPE for good clinical practive concerning single use or appropriate reprocessing of electrophysiology catheters


These  guidelines  refer  to  the  consensus  documents  of  the  European  Society  of  Cardiology and   of   the   North   American   Society   for   Pacing and Electrophysiology (NASPE, now Heart Rhythm Association).

In  the  line  of  these  scientific  organisations,  the  BWGCPE  considers  controlled  and  appropriate reprocessing   of   most   (not   all)   electrophysiology   catheters   as   Good   Clinical   Practice. Reprocessing is safe when the guidelines, as outlined below, are followed, constituting guidance for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).These guidelines of the BWGCPE are also inspired by its  societal  responsibility  to  provide  cost-efficient  health  care:  reprocessing  bothreduces  costs and  may  be  associated  with  more  efficient  procedures  since  more  and  more  complex  catheters can  be  used.  This  document  is  a  non  official  paper  written  by  the  Belgian  Working  Group  on Cardiac pacing and Electrophysiology, working group of the Belgian Society of Cardiology