Our missions

Created in 1980, the BeHRA (Belgian Heart Rhythm Association) is a working group of the Belgian Cardiology Society that brings together Belgian cardiologists who specialise in treating cardiac rhythm disorders.

The mission of the BeHRA consists of promoting the study and development of cardiac stimulation, electrophysiology and cardiac rhythmology in the broader sense by organising scientific meetings, exchanging information and supporting fundamental and clinical research.

The BeHRA is a non-profit association made up of effective members (who form the Nucleus) and associate members.

The BeHRA’s effective members are cardiologists who specialise in rhythmology in particular. They play an active role in the various projects developed within the BeHRA, whose aim is to improve the quality of treatment for patients suffering from cardiac arrhythmia. Effective members are required to attend meetings of the Nucleus on a regular basis, comply with the BeHRA’s rules of good practice and assist in the development of its databases.

Associate members may be cardiologists, doctors or surgeons, but can also be engineers, technicians or qualified nurses whose professional activities are partly or totally related to cardiac rhythm disorders. They do not take part in the day-to-day running of the association nor do they attend the General Meeting. Consequently, their role is essentially one of supporting the BeHRA’s mission.

The day-to-day management of the BeHRA is undertaken by the Board of Directors or Inner Nucleus, which is made up of six elected effective members: the President and Vice President (one of whom must be of French mother tongue and the other of Dutch mother tongue), one French-speaking secretary, one Dutch-speaking secretary, a treasurer and the previous Past President.